What To Do When It Rains in Rome: 5 Activities the Weather Won’t Ruin

The weather in Rome can be quite varied, with hot, sunny summers and mild winters. Rain is fairly common in Rome, particularly in the fall and winter months. While it can be inconvenient if you’re trying to spend time outdoors, there are still plenty of things to do in Rome even if it’s raining. Some ideas include visiting a museum, going shopping, checking out the local food scene, taking a cooking class, or going to a movie.

So What can you do when it rains in Rome? Get to know the real Rome, of course!

Rome is known for its mild year-round weather, but what most travelers don’t realize is this city actually gets more rain than London! Chances are, you’ll be in need of some rainy day activities when you visit.

Skip the tourist attractions and discover our top five favorite things to do when it rains in Rome:

#1 – Book a Wine Tour when It Rains

No trip to Rome is complete without sampling some of the country’s iconic vinos. Wine tours take your experience a step further by immersing you in wine culture. You can book a day tour that takes you beyond the city. You’ll learn more about Italy’s wine country history and let your taste buds explore the beautiful flavor notes of authentic Italian wine.

Trip Bonus: many wine day tours take you to some of the most historical, less crowded areas of Rome, such as the Bracciano Castle or this authentic medieval cellar. It’s an easy way to see some of the lesser known sites without having to drive there yourself.

When It Rains in Rome

#2 – Explore the Capitoline Museums

This group of archaeological and art museums are nestled on Capitoline Hill, one of the most historic areas of the city. Steeped in culture and historical significance, the treasures held within these museums make for the perfect rainy day exploration.

Ancient statues, artifacts, jewels, coins, art, and other items are on display, and you won’t see them anywhere else. In fact, this museum system is believed to be the first known museum that sparked the concept of allowing art and other collections to be seen and enjoyed by everyone, not just its owners.

#3 – Find Respite in a Cozy Cafe

It’s hard to soak in all the things that make Rome so unique when you’re on the go. Find a quiet little cafe, grab a coffee or snack, and park yourself for some serious people-watching while you enjoy being dry.

Rome’s variety of little cafes, coffee shops, and wine bars are part of the experience. Ambiance, decor, and design combine to make your visit enjoyable and memorable, so take the time to appreciate all the fine details that make this city so special.


#4 – Watch the Rain Fall from the Oculus in the Pantheon

This is arguably the most interesting sight to see on a rainy day. If the Pantheon is already on your must-see list, save it for when it rains so you can watch this unique indoor raining experience. Unlike the Colosseum and other outdoor wonders, the Pantheon offers shelter from the rain so you can enjoy the scenery without getting soaked.

#5 – Visit a Covered Market

Markets are sprinkled throughout Rome, giving travelers a traditional shopping experience when they visit. When it rains, some markets like the Esquilino Market or the Mercato Trionfale provide the local market feel without leaving you soggy.

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So why wait? Book your wine tour of Rome today and discover the beauty and depth of Italy's rich wine culture.