Frascati Wine Region: Exploring One of Rome’s Best-Kept Secrets

Just 25 km south of Rome lies one of the best-kept secrets of wine country: the small town of Frascati and its namesake white wine. Steeped in history and wine lore, Frascati grape cultivation dates back to the 5th century B.C. It’s been the preferred choice of Renaissance popes, traveling artists, ancient Romans, and generations of wine drinkers.

If you’re traveling to Rome, take your journey a little further south and explore this little slice of wine country.

A Step Back in Time

This quaint little town still retains much of its old-world charm, giving travelers a glimpse of the “real” Italy. Terracotta-tiled roofs, the rolling hills of the Colli Albani, and the Campagna Romana plain provide distinction and beauty to the area. When you visit on a clear day, you may just see the edge of Rome at a distance. 

Once the home to the Latium volcano, the area’s rich soils made the perfect growing grounds for grapes. In fact, it’s because the region’s expansive soil results in such large harvests that Frascati wine is produced for quantity.

What Makes Frascati Wine Special? 

Grape stomping Italy - Rome

Don’t think for a minute that Frascati’s abundance forces quality to take second place. This wine has been pleasing palates for centuries, thanks to a unique blend that even modern producers have turned to.

Frascati starts with several grape varieties, namely an Italian white wine blend of Malvasia and Trebbiano, both of which come from central Italy. Each of these come in two varieties: Malvasia di Candia and Malvasia del Lazio, and Trebbiano Giallo and Trebbiano Tuscano. Greco Bianco and Bombino Bianco are also infused into the blend to give the wine a distinctive flavor.

Lazio’s wine laws allow between 15%-30% of the blend to be made of other grape varieties, including local options and some from France. It’s this wide range of grape varieties that make Frascati a universally appealing wine that offers you a taste of some of Italy’s crowning flavors

Take a Frascati Wine Tour to Soak Up Every Moment


There are lots of amazing sights to see in Rome, but what lies just beyond its borders can give you a completely different perspective on Italy and its culture. There’s a reason Frascati has also been referred to as the “Golden Wine of the Romans,” and travelers can experience it for themselves up close and personal.


Book a Frascati wine tour that lets you explore this historic area and savor its namesake white wine. The scenery alone is worth the trip, but you’ll want to linger longer as you roam the vineyards and sip your fill of one of Italy’s most famous wine varieties.


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