VINEBLISS Hygiene Measures

For Tours and Activities the following sanitation measures will be taken:

• Interpersonal distance: both in open•air and indoor areas the minimum distance to be kept is 1 mt.
• Use of face mask: the use of a face mask is compulsory when in the presence of more people in indoor spaces. Children under 6 years and people with disabilities incompatible with the continuous face mask usage and their care•takers are not subject to these dispositions. It is not necessary for cohabitees to keep the interpersonal distance and wear a face mask between each other.
• Hand sanitation: wash the hands with water and soap or use a hand sanitizer before and after the activity and anytime possible during the activity, bringing gel or spray sanitizer with you.
• Body temperature measure: customers can be subject to a body temperature check. If the temperature is more than 37,5 °C, the clients are not allowed to access the Tour or Activity. In this chase full refund will be issued.

For the Tours that include means of transport (e.g. LUNCH AND WINE TASTING IN A MEDIEVAL ESTATE) the staff will remind to customers that:

• It is compulsory for the passengers to wear a face mask;
• During the hop on /hop off operations, the first one will be available only from the front door,while the second one from the central/back door, to reduce at minimum the possibility of contact between passengers. If the vehicle only has one door, the hop off operation will anticipate the hop on;

For Activities such as the Cooking courses:

• It is compulsory for customers to wear face mask, disposable gloves and an extra pair of shoes.
• If the clients do not have two pair of shoes, some disposable shoes cover will be provided. If necessary and only if customers do not have them, gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer will be provided and included in the price. Masks and gloves cannot be changed during the lesson, but sanitized like they were a second skin instead.

For Tours/Activities with cellar visit:

• The access to the common areas is restricted, in order to respect the distance of 1 mt.
• An auto-declaration is required. At the Farm every person (one person per family group) has to register (NAME, SURNAME and PHONE NUMBER). This procedure is established to help the sanitary institution to contact customers in case anyone positive to COVID-19 has visited the Farm that same day when the group was present. In that case, the identity of all the people in the group will be provided to the authorities. The list will be archived in the office for 14 days. The reporting agent and the other people in the group can be subject to temperature measure anyway. This procedure does not include the registration of personal data, except for the people with a temperature of more than 37,5°C. In this chase full refund will be issued.